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2008-12-15 01:16:42 by Hellpuppet

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Work in progress...

2008-05-06 18:07:53 by Hellpuppet

I've started a lot of projects this will require a great amount of work and patience, many unsleapt hours and painful head-aching days of hard thinking.

- One of my projects, on which i'm working with my girlfriend, for this year is a comic book called Robo and Girlie. It's a combination between manga mecha, manga fantasy and comics. The story is about a young woman, who is the first to evolve into the next homo sapiens species, some kind of a x-men, mutant-like species. She learns the ability to heal other people and her aura affects most of the things around her, including an assassin robot, who falls in love with her, from unknown reasons (robots don't yet have feelings, but this one starts experimenting strange electrical impulses when near the woman...feelings)...the story is still in progress. We need to find a way to make the girl something other than a mutant, because it's pretty unoriginal...and we need to work on the stories for the bad guys...we need to give Robo and Girlie a purpose in the comic (like a goal or something). We're doing the cover of the comic book right now...we just need to color it and it'll be done...i'll post it soon on my art thread here on NG. My Art Thread here on NG click.

- Another thing i want to acomplish is drawing portraits of Charlize Theron, more portraits of Milla Jovovich, Kirk Hammett from Metallica, Angus Young from AC/DC, Avril Lavigne, Alizee, Dimebag Darrell Abbott from Pantera and the members from Guns n Roses. I'm practicing my drawing and i really wanna improve as much as i can. I have a portrait of Milla and James Hetfield of Metallica in my NG Art Thread.

- Me and some of my classmates are planning to create a game, similar to Travian, Tribes, KnightFight, etc. We hope to come with a great idea soon. It will be fun working on the source code and on the graphical design with friends. If you have any ideas about a story that's original, feel free to tell us, cuz if the game gets reknown you'll get your name on it, and maybe even part of the possible profit:D

- I have an adult doll game coming soon on NG. I gotta make a soundtrack, background(s), and fix some bugs...

- I'm gonna give my brother some support, cuz he's practicing for next year's Megastar in my country :D (some contest like American Idol, but in this one you have to be at least 17, bro is just 16). Here's one of the songs he recorded while experimenting with his new mic. Click!

Please leave some useful advice or criticism on my Art Thread. I'll post some new drawings soon. Click Here! to go to my Art Thread :D

Work in progress...

Numa Numa Song Origins

2007-09-24 17:10:13 by Hellpuppet

Did anyone ever wonder what's the history of the Numa Numa song?

Well, I know the truth...
A few years ago, a band from Moldavia, the neighbour country of Romania, the country I live in, launched a summer hit in Romania called: "Dragostea din Tei". The lyrics went something like:
"Mai ah hee/
Mai ah hoo/
Mai ah ha/Mai ah haha/
Vrei sa pleci dar nu-ma, nu-ma iei/
Nu-ma, nu-ma iei, nu-ma, nu-ma, nu-ma iei
/Chipul tau si dragostea din tei/Mi-amintesc de ochii tai."

In English:
"Mai ah hee/Mai ah hoo/
Mai ah ha/Mai ah haha/
You want to leave but you won't won't take me away/
Won't won't take me away won't won't won't take me away/
Your face and the love in the tell tree/
Remind me of your eyes."

After six or seven months of being in the Romanian tops, the band went on a tour in Europe and the US. That's when the numa numa guy heard the song and made himself popular with that funny clip:)
The Ozone band split up just after a few months because one of the members stole their songs and sang them overseas without the other two knowing. Sad...

Maybe some of you already know this, maybe some of you don't belive me...I just wanted to say something about the origins of the Numa Numa Song:D

Numa Numa Song Origins